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Solar Street Lights

Commercial Grade, Durable and Reliable with High Output Solar Powered Street Lights in Australia [Buy in 2024]

Durable and reliable commercial-grade solar street lights, perfect for illumination and lighting of outdoor areas.It can be easily installed with no cabling or trenching.

Efficient and environment-friendly outdoor street lights with zero carbon emission. It has High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Cells and Long-Life Li-ion battery with a 3 years extended warranty including the battery.


  • Faulty Alarm System detection with LED indicator which automatically detects errors.
  • Adaptive Lighting System which automatically adjusts lighting level in various weather conditions. This feature helps the battery performs longer hours, especially during cloudy or rainy days.
  • Temperature Control System monitors the battery to protect it from overheating which leads to longer battery life.
  • Variable Frequency Technology which adjusts LED driver frequency to maximise the performance of the LEDs and batteries.
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