11 Bright Reasons to Use Solar Lighting Systems

Have you ever considered why solar offers a better solution to standard grid electricity? 


Australia has some of the best solar energy potentials in the world.*


More than a way to harness the power of the sun, solar power can also help you reduce your energy bill and make sustainable choices for the world.


In this article, we’ll be looking at 11 compelling reasons why you should choose solar power and solar lighting systems over conventional electricity.


1. Green

First of all, if you are looking for a green energy solution, then solar is your best option. Not only is going green is the trendiest thing right now but it also helps to safeguard our planet and minimise our impact on the planet.


2. Renewable 

Solar is a renewable source of energy. The sun is always in abundant supply. Even when it is very cloudy, there is always some amount of insolation present for solar panels to utilise.


3. Available everywhere 

You can install solar virtually anywhere. It doesn’t matter if what you are powering is in the shade. Regardless of the circumstance, as long as there is a sunny spot closeby, you can install solar to provide power to something that is installed remotely. 


Thanks to technological advancements in the field, windows and roofs can be transformed into photovoltaic sources.


4. Durability 

While on its own a silicon wafer isn’t as durable, if it is fitted behind a surface such as glass, then you get something that is increasingly durable. Furthermore, as technology advances, solar technology is becoming more and more durable. 

The durability of free-standing solar power systems can be enhanced using other protection, for example, protective panel backs.


SunShare Solar pride themselves on durable and high-quality solar lights, and with the ever-increasing need for durable lights, they are a great option. 


5. Eco-Friendly 

The use of solar power doesn’t lead to the emission of dangerous gases. So while you are using solar electricity, you know that you are helping the planet.


6. Cost Savings 

With solar power, you don’t have to pay as much for electricity bills, hence, you benefit significant cost-savings. This is especially important considering the fact that the cost of electricity is ever-increasing whereas solar costs are at an all-time low. 


You can also consider cost savings in terms of labour and resources, for example, no need to dig trenches as in the case of grid power, various types of repairs, messing with the surrounding landscapes, etc.


The professionals at Smart and Fast Electrical have seen an increase of solar electricity in recent years, explaining that “the technology for solar electricity is getting significantly better, leading to more people willing to make the switch. Additionally, the money you can save by switching to solar speaks for itself. It’s definitely something that is only going to become increasingly common as time goes on”.


7. Ease of Installation 

One great thing about solar panels is that they have a simple installation process. They only require some basic wiring and a small number of bolts to hold them in place. In a majority of installation configurations, solar lighting systems have their solar power system at the top of the pole, which leaves all the essential electrical components at the top of the pole. 


For solar power systems, a lot more can be needed for an easy installation. But considering the low voltage, the solar power systems are much safer to work with than traditional electricity.


Richard Gabriel from Mr Highlights Roofing explains that “when solar panels first started to be installed on roofs, we were worried that it would make our jobs harder. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as we soon learned that most of the hardware is stored in the system itself. Furthermore, we also feel a lot safer around solar powered systems as they generally have a lower voltage, so if something was to go wrong, the consequences wouldn’t be as harsh”.


8. Low Voltage 


Referencing the above point, solar makes use of lower voltage, normally 12 or 24 Volts DC, which makes it safer to use and install, ensuring that everyone is comfortable.


9. Energy efficiency

Solar makes use of items that are low powered, for example, CFL/LED lamps and lower-powered electronics. In addition, 12 VDC is used to power the LEDs while in the case of standard electric, AC adapters are required. With the utilisation of DC power for LEDs, their efficiency is increased as they are able to provide more light and less heat.


10. No Need For Trenches 

Say, for example, you have a parking lot that requires lighting but already has cement laid out or you might be looking to install a camera that is on the other side of the road from the powerlines. 


With solar power systems, you don’t have to worry since each system is a stand-alone and you can mount it at any place. Additionally, you are saving money because you don’t need to tear up the existing landscape and then do the repairs.


11. Battery Backup

Many of the solar systems today make use of a battery backup that provides more than three days of power storage required to ensure that the systems run uninterrupted. Top-quality systems provide a minimum of 5 nights autonomy. Hence, when the sun goes out, you will still get access to power for several days. 


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Written by: Frank Jackson