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We are all about joy, light and colour.

saba-yazdani-sunshare-solar-funder   My name is Saba and I am the founder and manager of SunShare Solar.

SunShare Solar is a local business Australian business. Established in Melbourne in October 2015 and moved its head office to Sydney in 2020. The initial intention behind the business was to promote applications of renewable energies in Australia.

We all are hearing debates and discussions about renewable energy in our everyday life. Very often we are hearing about global warming and climate change. They say we have to do something about it. 

One of the most popular recommended solutions is to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. But, how we can execute it and make it more relevant in our everyday life? This was the initial question that triggered the idea behind SunShare Solar.


Our mission is to facilitate the consumption of solar energy and make it accessible on a small scale to large scale. We achieve this by offering new devices, including solar lights, that are high in quality and advanced in solar technology to Australia market.


The most popular source of renewable energy is solar. It is also the one that is most feasible and commercial compared with wind, geothermal, biomass, etc. Moreover, it’s the one that its applications are more viable on smaller scales. 

Yet, the only application that comes to our mind when talking about solar is solar electricity derived from solar farms and solar panels on roofs. Is that it? There must be something else we can do while it’s the only feasible clean source of generating energy in smaller scales.

There are.

Other applications of solar energy include but are not limited to Solar Lighting, Solar Water Heating, Solar Heating of Building, Solar Drying of Agricultural and Animal Products, Solar Cooking, and Solar Greenhouses. The fact is that, while they are popular, or rapidly getting popular in other developed countries, they are not very common and known in Australia.

Considering barriers to manufacturing for SME’s in Australia, we decided to make these existing technologies accessible for Australians by importing and promoting them to our local market. And, we started with Solar Lights with the view of expanding to other applications in the future.

Providing a wide variety of solar LED lights, our purpose is to promote applications of renewable energy. We aim to make them available and accessible for residential and commercial use. It reduces the costs of energy consumption and increases efficiency with no harm to the environment. 

In doing that we are very vigilant about the quality of the lights we are making available to Australians. We used our resources to collect samples from over 30 manufacturers and suppliers. All samples have been tested by our team and after all, only a few reliable suppliers have been selected to work with.


Our vision is to be the most reliable supplier of solar-powered lights across Australia. We attain this by offering to our customer solar lights that are:

  • Highest in quality and longest-lasting
  • The most reliable and advanced in technology


Our point of difference
is we don’t sell a product that we are not confident about. We dedicate to add continuous value to our community by being a trustworthy member. We are committed to offering excellence in products and in our service to our customers.

Why Solar Lights?

According to Energy Rating “Lighting accounts for around 10% of electricity usage in households and 18–40% of in commercial premises.” (Lighting | Energy Rating ). Additionally, street lighting energy consumption is an increasingly significant part of cities’ energy use. They are a vital part of a modern and smart city as they support economic growth and community safety. 

Studies have shown that public lighting supports economic growth by increasing the amount of time that people can spend on dining and entertainment after dark. It also can reduce crime by up to 20% and traffic accidents by up to 35%. (MAKUMBE, 2017)

Solar Lights use technology to source the electricity they need for their lighting from the Sun. Most of them are All-in-One pack which means they have their battery to save the generated energy and use it after dark. They are off-grid and independent from the main electrical power. 


They use LED technology in lighting which by itself is much more efficient than the conventional halogen or incandescent lights. Here are a few points about the benefits of using Solar Lights for our customers:

  • They are applicable for almost any places; in fact, perfect for rural remote areas with lower or no infrastructure.
  • There is no running cost and minimum maintenance cost.
  •  They are environmentally friendly with minimum to zero carbon and heat emission.
  •  Their installation is very quick and it generally takes just a few minutes.
  •  Installation is without mess and disruption; there is no trenching, switchboard, earthing, etc.


Our range of Smart, Safe, and Green Solar Lights include:

  • Flood Lights and Security Lights
  • Garden Lights and Landscape Lights
  • Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights
  • Spotlights and Billboard Lights
  • Lights for Pathways and Sidewalks
  • Lights for Biking and Walking Tracks
  • Area Lights for Public Parks, Toilets and Amenities
  • Street Lights for Car parks and Courtyards
  • Batten or Bar Lights and Linear Lights, and much more.


Check our range of Solar Lights to discover how our quality LED lighting solution can light up your home, your garden, or your community!


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