5 Important Things to Consider When Buying Flood Lights

Did you ever wonder about installing flood lights, but set the idea aside because it sounded complicated and expensive? It’s much easier now that we can have wireless, solar-powered outdoor lights delivered conveniently to our homes.

They are independent of the main power and have a very simple DIY installation. If we can hang a picture and we have a ladder to get up there safely, we can do it. In fact, it’s so straightforward we may wonder why it took so long to try.

However, not all solar flood lights may suit our application, and there are things we need to consider before purchasing them.



5 Steps to Choose the Flood Light that Works Best for You

Step One – Deciding Why We Need Lighting Around the House

There are at least two reasons why we need LED flood lights in the yard or garden. It’s important to imagine the lighting effect we wish to achieve, so we can
choose lighting equipment that will do the job properly.

  • Perhaps we want to discourage people from entering the yard or garden unannounced, for whatever reason. In that case, we need to dazzle them in the eyes with bright motion sensor flood lights, so they go away.
  • Or, maybe all we want is to have good visibility on the driveway when we come home after dark. And lit our way up the steps to the front door, so we don’t trip over the pussy cat dozing. In this case, we need softer lighting that helps us mind the steps. We can choose a sensor light or a soft constant light.

Step Two – Confirming the Lighting Will Give Sufficient Coverage

Decent quality industrial and/or backyard lighting offers wide lighting angles, Mainly 120 degrees or more. You can expect a wide outdoor area to be powerfully illuminated, so it shows clearly on your security camera system.

This is important if you want to be able to monitor your home after dark on your smartphone, or the screen in your house. This could be because your security alarm has gone off, or you are returning home at night and want a quick ‘recce’ before parking in the driveway.

Step Three – Which Flood Lights Have Technology for Your Application

Solar LED outdoor lights including, flood lights and security lights have come a long way since early beginnings. If you want your security lighting to stay on all night, does the lithium-ion battery have the required staying power?

When buying a flood light, always check its battery capacity, charging time, estimated lighting time per night, and expected lifetime of the battery and LED lighting element.

If you chose to use LED floodlights with motion sensor check on their PIR motion detection range, how long they stay bright, and how dim they will get when no motion detected. Also, check if they have the option of manually turn the motion sensor off for continuous lighting.


Step Four – Confirming the Mounting Points for Your New Security Lights

Take a careful look at the security flood lights you are considering in terms of mounting points. Are they all-in-one-piece you attach through the fixed base? Or do they have separate
swivelling brackets for the solar panel, and the light itself.

LED flood lights with separate solar panel have lengths of wire connecting the solar panel to the lighting fixture. It’s impractical to extend this. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure there’s enough cable for what you plan to do. Walk down the area you want to illuminate and decide where the lights ought to go. Then ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is the area in direct view of the sun all day long, whether it’s shining brightly, or through the clouds?
  • Can you safely climb a ladder to mount them with room for an assistant to hold it steady?
  • Is the surface you will drill through and attach the mounting(s) strong enough to take the weight and wind pressure?
  • flood lights be sufficiently away from vegetation that might otherwise trigger the motion sensor in wind?

Step Five – Finally, Do You Know the People You Could Be Ordering From?

Is the company Australia-based so you can return faulty goods quickly or if you change your mind? Can you call them without going international if you need advice on your installation?

And if the LED light filament or battery pack fails outside the guarantee period, can you get a replacement from your hardware or electrical store?

However, your most important consideration is finding a flood lights supplier you can trust. That’s one who will provide honest answers, to all those most important questions we mentioned.

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