An Easy Guide to Install Solar Lights in Your Garden

Simple installation of solar lights gives you a new look without the need for main power and the hassle of new wiring. Solar lights are powered by the Sun and are completely independent from electricity and any other source of energy. It means you can run them all night long without even a tiny move in your utility bills. Solar lights are clean and safe for everyone, even kids and pets. They don’t get hot, don’t waste energy, and have no harm to the environment.


They are an efficient and sustainable replacement for any incandescent light, even modern ones. Wide variety of styles are available to suite a large number of applications. Now, solar lights can be used for ambiance, decoration, landscape lighting, garden lighting, commercial outdoor lighting, car park lighting, security lighting, path/walkway lighting, walking or bike track lighting, parks and public places, caravan parks and picnic grounds, street lighting, etc. There are design styles available to suit multiple tastes as well- either modern or classic looks, featuring a range of multi-colour or mono-colour LEDs, and most are crafted from lightweight and highly durable materials.

How to Install:

  • Choose your preferred location, ensuring plenty of natural, daily sunlight hits the solar panel. Important Note: Test your light for effective charging in this space, prior to fixing it into position permanently.
  • Based on lighting design, style and application, determine method of attachment and fix the light using supplied fixture, if required.
  • Ensure our light is ready to operate. You may need to use supplied pin to unlock the light (On/Off Switch), if applicable. Note: fixing screws, expansion lugs, locking pin, connective cables, or any other accessories should be provided by light supplier, if necessary.
  • Check the position for effectiveness in the dark, and keep your lights solar panel clear of overhanging branches. Move to a brighter location if sunlight appears blocked.

Special Notes:

  • Please charge your new Solar Light under direct, bright sunlight for over 8 hours before first time use, as the battery power storage may have drained during shipping and storage.
  • Dull daylight hours will affect charging times, so exercise patience if the weather conditions are poor, or move your light to a sunlit area.


  • Any severe knock or forceful smashing action may damage your light and affect its functionality.
  • Do not disassemble the light; Seek expert, professional technical assistance only

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