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Solar Batten Lights

Premium Quality Off-grid Lighting Solution

Commercial Quality for Home & Industrial Applications

Solar-powered Batten Lights are a perfect substitute for conventional fluorescent lights (T5 and T8 Batten Lights). They are totally green, energy efficient & environmentally friendly.

These Linear LED Lights have a powerful built-in Lithium battery and are made of 0.2W SMD LED chips. SMDs are an important development to LEDs. The light efficiency of SMDs is higher than normal LEDs. It means that with the same level of power consumption, they produce higher brightness. They are driven by low voltage and current which results in producing very little heat compare to the other LEDs.

The lights all come with a remote control which gives you the flexibility to control the level of brightness, choose from constant lighting or motion activation modes, and set lighting timer.

Features of the Solar Batten Lights:

  • Powerful, inbuilt battery with a long lifespan that supports 4 nights of lighting after rainy and cloudy days.
  • Efficient and reliable long hours of lighting per night. (10 to 12 hours of lighting per night)
  • Waterproof with premium quality material and fixtures.
  • Very easy to install with MC4 plugin and near to zero maintenance.
  • No hassle re-location; the lights are portable and relocatable.
  • Different lighting which can be controlled by supplied remote control

This category of Solar Lights is the best and most applicable off-grid lighting solution currently in the market. These solar powered LED lights are ideal for outdoor lighting. They can be used for under-cover area lighting and indoor lighting, as well.

Here are some examples of their vast applications:

  • Carports, Carparks, and Garages
  • Bus Stops, Park Sheds and Shade Structures
  • Warehouses, Workshops, and Sheds
  • Outdoor Shelters and Temporary shelters
  • Outdoor/Street Kiosks and Amenities Blocks
  • Barns, Farm Sheds, and Stables
  • Camping Sites and Tents, Camper Trailers
  • Pergolas, Verandas, and BBQ Areas
  • Rural and Remote Areas where access to the grid is a challenge.

Security Lights

Solar Flood Light-60w

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Signage & Batten Lights

Solar LED Signage Lights

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Signage & Batten Lights

Solar Wall Signage Lights

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