Solar Lights versus Mains Power Lights

Have you really sat back and thought about the cost of using mains power lighting as opposed to using high-quality SOLAR LIGHTS? 

In an age where electricity costs continue to rise, and we, as consumers, have become even more aware of maximising our potential to use Green Energy, there are better choices we can make!

Solar Lights save you money on the purchase of light fittings and fixtures, AND also help you save on the cost of paying by the mains-connected kilowatt.

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Why do we use lights outside in the first place?

The answer is to provide safe zones around pathways, added security to deter intruders, ambience where required, and draw blazing attention to other things such as entry and exit points, driveway marking, and business marketing messages and billboards.

Lighting up your outdoor areas also allows for better usage of your property when the sun goes down.  You can create havens for entertainment, highlight characteristic trees, show-off your garden and decorative features, and improve your lifestyle opportunities when camping or enjoying other recreational pursuits.

Indoors, we can reduce our power consumption by flicking a switch on and off as we enter and leave rooms, but this is not so simple outside.

Lighting designed for the outdoors tends to be left on for long periods of time.  If the fittings are hard-wired there’s an associated high cost for the convenience, there’s a whole heap of wiring to be installed, not to mention the price of engaging a tradesperson to create the infrastructure – and ongoing maintenance, the replacement of light bulbs, and even making reparations when an unexpected weather event causes havoc.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Wins Hands-down!

Further advantages of outdoor solar lights over mains power are:

  • As your property changes over time, you can move them to new locations so easily
  • Electrical leads and cabling don’t need to be buried underground or protected from wet weather and heat
  • Solar lights are generally safe to use in and around swimming pools, ponds, and water features
  • They have a minimum to zero carbon and heat emission count, and don’t get hot to the touch
  • There’s no need to turn them off to save energy or money
  • Solar lights may be sensor activated to conserve grid-stored energy, making them longer-lasting and likely to keep working all night long
  • Solar lights carry an extra-low voltage capacity, to prevent electric shock or fire risks due to overheating
  • Where a mains transformer needs to be plugged into a socket (out of the weather), there is no issue with solar lighting – the entire light is self-contained in its casing
  • If a solar light is being used under an eave or carport (for example), some solar light models with an attached but separate solar panel can be located in a nearby sunny area (to build power in daylight), and
  • If you move house, or relocate your business, your solar lights can be taken with you (it may be beneficial to make this intention known to your Real Estate adviser at the time of sale, however, to prevent any misunderstandings).

And, don’t forget, your purchase price for solar lights is a one-time cost! But do invest wisely by buying quality solar lights. Like anything, you do get what you pay for, so avoid the cheap solar light versions and check out our high-quality range.

At SunShare Solar, our solar lights are built to last in the Aussie outdoors! They’re waterproof, manufactured using long-lasting Aluminum alloy or stainless steel casings, and they feature the latest in lumen quality and solar technology.

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