Bring Your Garden to Life After Sunset – With Outdoor Solar Lights

With spring in the air, there’s nothing better than longer days and warmer nights! Rather than hibernate, we’re more inclined to get outdoors, and not just during the daytime. Where sunlight makes your garden grow and pop with colour, there’s also another benefit from drawing on solar energy – and that’s where SunShare Solar can help you.




Our high-quality solar garden lights can light your way, without drawing on mains power. And that means you need no cables, you don’t need to remember to turn your lights on or off, and they’re always shining like a beacon when you arrive home after dark – and they’re portable too!


One of our regular customers has a rural property, with a long, dark driveway. It really wasn’t cost effective for them to dig trenches and introduce more outdoor lighting in the traditional way.They needed security lights, walkway lights from the garage to the front door, and had already tried some of the cheaper outdoor solar lighting options from some of the big hardware chain stores in Australia.


The cheaper ones were unreliable, they didn’t fare very well in frosts and blazing heat, and simply didn’t last.They now have our SunShare Solar Garden (ball) Lights in their garden beds, our Solar Security Lights attached to shed posts, and one of our Integrated Solar Motion Lights above their stone steps beside the front door.


Coming home was always a bit scary because our house is not visible from the street, and with the possibility of unwelcome human, and slithery, guests around, we wanted more lights to increase our sense of safety. After trying out SunShare Solar’s lights we soon went back for more.In fact, now we have over fifteen of them, and our friends are amazed at the after-sunset transformation it’s made to our garden and home environment. Even better, some of our solar light keep a warm light in general, but automatically increase to a bright white light when we get close to them. It lasts long enough to walk through, find our keys, and get inside. The best thing is, we can now see in the dark! And they’re just brilliant! 

Steven D.  (2017)



At SunShare Solar, our lights are built to last in the Aussie outdoors, they’re waterproof, and feature the latest in solar technology.  You can hang them from trees, easily attach them to poles or fence posts, or sit them on bollards to increase your sense of security.  And if you’re having a party in a certain area of your property, you can even move them around to temporary locations for the occasion as required.


Make a change to solar and make a difference in more ways than one – with our safe and easy solutions, and all backed by our eighteen month warranty (Conditions apply).


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