Enhance Your Outdoor Space With These 5 Design Tips

Whether you want to transform a tired space, or just refresh your much-loved family entertainment area, you can do a lot with a little.


From adding solar lighting to accessorising the entrance, you don’t need the biggest budget to turn heads.


Find out how to enhance your outdoor space with these 5 design tips.


1. Defined Spaces 


Distinct areas are created for different activities in luxury patios; from enjoying specific activities such as relaxing with dry martinis next to the infinity pool, playing bocce or eating. 


Even if those activities seem a little luxurious for your tastes, by creating clearly defined outdoor spaces you can create your own slice of paradise.


The main aim is to create a luxurious space by arranging furniture in a way that demonstrates a clear purpose even though you might have all these luxuries. 


Consider using flowers stones or other landscaping details, or rugs to anchor entertainment and dining areas, making sure that you avoid obstructing traffic flow by creating enough space. 


Looking to illuminate your outdoor space? Why not add a power-saving solar spotlight.


Pro Tip: Aim to create a cohesive space if you do not have enough room to create a number of distinct areas. Arrange the patio the same way you would your living room and position the furniture facing each other. 

2. Use Proper Lighting 


When it comes to lighting, think outside the box. 


The setting of your outdoor space, and its uniqueness, is determined by the lighting; with the festive and elegant option when it comes to outdoor dining tables being globe string lighting. 


You can increase safety and highlight various features by using LED lighting along the borders of stair treads and landscaping edges explains LED experts Smart and Fast. They explain “you have invested a lot to enhance the appearance of your yard; you can create a manicured look hooking up spotlights to shrubs and trees.” 


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Pro Tip: Instead of creating a fancy appearance, the use of coloured lighting may create a Christmas look. However, you can play safe by using blue and white coloured lights.  

3. The Entrance Should Be Grand 


Be sure to capture the fact that your patio door is the entrance to your luxurious oasis. Set the tone for the rest of the backyard area by adding a small vignette or plants to the door frame.  


You can also create a whole new look by simply switching out the older hardware such as:


– outdoor fans

– kick plate

– door knobs

– wall sconces


You can also customise the appearance of the resulting space and ensure that the patio door matches the outdoor space by simply using a matching coat of paint. Or, try adding security lights to ensure your outdoor space is welcoming and safe.  


Pro Tip: Try repainting any hardware that looks dated. You can turn old hardware pieces into real eye-catchers by simply painting over them using a black coat of paint.    

4. Decorate Your Space 


Picturing your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space will make the work of decorating it much easier. 


Home renovation expert Rick Buick explains “you can make the outdoor space more comfortable and also enhance its appearance by simply adding some pillows, coffee tables, comfortable chairs and rugs into the mix.”  


You can create the outdoor space that you have been longing for by going a step further and adding in some lamps, candles, throws poufs and coasters. 


Pro Tip: Outdoor decor has evolved a lot over the years, so don’t let the weather hold you back. You can enjoy your preferred outdoor decor items years from now with waterproof pillows and fade-resistant rugs among others.  


5. Add Some Conveniences 

Build your dream patio, gradually. 


Add into your outdoor space, some of the indoor conveniences you use on a regular basis. 


If you really enjoy entertaining guests, consider adding kitchen items such as a grill, wine fridge and bar to the outdoor space. You can create a space that you can enjoy with the people you love by introducing a luxurious feel to the patio by adding real glasses and plates as well.   


Pro Tip: Identity what is most important to you by picturing your preferred outdoor space. If relaxing is what you’re into, get some lounge chairs, or an outdoor grill if cooking is close to your heart.  


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