Light Pollution, Wildlife and Solar Lights: Part 2

(*This is a cowritten blog wrote by SunShare Solar and Natureworks Garden Care.)


How can we overcome this increasing problem?


By thinking critically about the lighting design and the type of lights we apply in our indoor and outdoor area, we can not only reduce light pollution but also conserve energy and help save the environment.


Switch lights to motion sensor or dimmable lights:


This is a common feature that is available for outdoor lights including solar powered outdoor lights. This option will allow you to have light when it is most needed. The lights will be activated when detecting a movement.


Some lights are also programmed to gradually dim throughout the night. These lights fully illuminate during the first hours of night and switch to 50%, 25% and 10% illumination past midnight and into the very early hours in the morning. As an example, have a look at our Motion Sensor Flood Light.


Use dark sky compliant or cut-off fixtures:


Sign-lighting should preferably be aimed down on signs and not upwards. Outdoor security, and display lighting should be fitted with quality shielded lights directing light at the target area only. Residential entrance or BBQ lights can be shielded to minimize light trespass. 


Replace conventional high-energy bulbs with efficient outdoor LED lights:


This will not only reduce the lighting pollution and its negative impacts but also helps us to protect the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emission and the amount of wasted energy[i]. Moreover, these lights will help you to save on your energy bills as high efficiency LED lights consume much less energy than conventional Incandescent or Sodium-Vapour Lamps, even though they emit the same amount of light.


All these features come together in Solar Lights


Low-voltage and low-wattage solar powered outdoor lights are a perfect substitute for conventional lamps in outdoor area lighting. They provide light in the areas where they are required, such as walkways, building entrances, and signages, at the times they are required. Using cut-off fixtures will lower the amount of light pollution and increase our visibility to the night sky. They are also inexpensive and practically free to operate.



Make a change to solar and make a difference in more ways than one – with our safe, green and clean solutions that are very easy to apply. 



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