Outdoor Solar Lights & Solar Security Lights Keep Criminals on their toes!

Outdoor Solar Lighting, especially with the Christmas Holiday Season just around the corner, can make an enormous difference to whether an unwanted intruder to your property hangs around, or beats a path to somewhere else because the garden they have stepped into suddenly illuminates around them – as if by magic!


Our SunShare Solar Lights charge by day and protect you at night with their capacity to keep a light on your precious surroundings, no matter whether you are on the premises or not.  Our outdoor solar lighting solutions need no mains power wiring, they come with an industry-leading, extended warranty to give you an assurance of their quality, and some will illuminate from warm to white brightness as someone comes close-by, whilst others will stay at a bright light level for up to eight hours at a time.  The only thing you need to do is position them in places where you feel they can be used at their optimum.


outdoor-lighting-australiaCriminal behaviour is generally unexpected on any residential property, but you can bet that lurking predators have kept a watch on your movements and comings and goings.  In this age where conserving power due to energy company increases is important, what better than to invest in some simple lighting solutions to confuse passers-by who are looking for opportunistic occasions to wander into your home-space, because there may currently be an element of darkness to ensure that their snooping activities go undetected.


Police reports deliver timely and regular information about local theft from sheds, garages, and home invasions, and sadly this is a rising occurrence – and you don’t even need to refer to the statistics.  Taking steps to upgrade your outdoor lighting will deter unwanted visitors.  The fact that our solar lights will either already be on, or come on automatically at any nearby sign of movement, whether you’re home or not, can sometimes be all it takes to scare them away because they can’t be sure if someone is watching!


So, before you pack your caravan, your car, your suitcase or your overnight bag and go on a trip to somewhere for a night, a week or a month, contact us at SunShare Solar and ask us about our Solar Lighting options.  They’re quick and easy to install, you don’t need a tradesperson to make any changes to your electrical systems, and you’ll gain peace of mind in knowing that your lights will shine light on any subject in its range – even if there’s nobody at home.  And if you’re heading off on a camping trip, take some of our solar lights or solar lanterns with you to brighten up your campsite.  They’re sure to deter other kinds of unwanted (not necessarily human) pests as well!


Check out our range of solar LED Flood Lights and Security Lights here to find out how they will help you to illuminate your outdoor for safety and security with $0 running cost!


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At SunShare Solar, our lights are built to last in the Aussie outdoors, they’re waterproof, and feature the latest in solar technology.  You can hang them from trees, easily attach them to poles or fence posts, or sit them on bollards to increase your sense of security.  And if you’re having a party in a certain area of your property, you can even move them around to temporary locations for the occasion as required.

Make a change to solar and make a difference in more ways than one – with our safe and easy solutions, and all backed by our generous warranty (Conditions apply).

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