How does a solar phone charger work?

The energy of the Sun has always been the source of life on the earth. Photosynthesis, climate change, water cycle, and many other crucial phenomena are all due to the energy emitted from the Sun. But it was not unit 1860s that scientists discovered that they could harness solar energy to produce electricity. Although solar cells were invented in the 1880s, first conventional solar cells were used in 1960s to produce electricity for satellites. Increasing demand for electricity, shortage of fossil fuels, and concerns about global warming led to a worldwide movement towards clean energies. Therefore, many countries invested on research to make renewable energies affordable for domestic and commercial use.


Nowadays, solar cells are extensively utilised for power generation. You can see them everywhere, ranging from small chargers to farms specified for power generation. Because of a property called photoelectric effect, a solar cell has the ability to convert light energy into electrical energy. In the atomic level, it absorbs light photons and releases free electrons which leads to direct electric current. Solar cells are connected to form solar panels. The larger the area of a panel is, the more electricity it produces.

Despite the fact that solar energy is clean and free, it has an unavoidable disadvantage, that is, the Sun does not shine 24 hours a day. Even in heavy cloudy weather, it is not possible to absorb the energy emitted from sun entirety. This resulted in the invention of solar-powered battery chargers. The simplest solar-powered battery chargers consist of a panel, a battery, and a controller.


Solar Battery Charger Dual USB

There are several types of solar chargers in the market with different sizes and capacities. Having USB ports, they are mostly applied as mobile phone chargers. However, they are not limited to phones. Some of them could be connected to the power grid in case of sunlight shortage. Portable solar chargers are extremely useful for hungry-power devices, especially when no electrical grid is available; e.g. camping, hiking, and outdoor activities.

You can find different models of SunShare Solar battery chargers as below:

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