Brighten Your Home Exterior with the Best Garden Solar Lights


Outdoor solar garden lights give your home that extraordinary appeal you have always craved. 

Illuminating your home exterior has become more than just a security measure. Garden solar lights can also serve as great decor for your outdoor pathways and lawns. With garden lights, you can come to appreciate your outdoor spaces during the nighttime.

Garden lights give your home that inviting appeal and easily lead visitors to your home when it dusk. With very little knowledge of home lighting, you can install most of these solar lights in your garden by yourself. These solar-powered lights are eco-friendly and energy-saving. They are designed to tolerate outside weather conditions; solar power garden lights are a great mix in your homes’ exterior set-up. 

You can find an impressive array of garden lights available out there. However, in this blog, we can help you narrow down your search by highlighting some of the best solar lights for your garden and pathways. 





There are four categories of solar lights that can be used for garden lighting: 

Inground lights

1. Solar Inground or Deck Lights 

Lighting up your garden areas doesn’t come any better with these deck lights. These stylishly designed solar LED lights add to the aesthetics of the outdoor spaces in your home. They come with an automatic on and off feature that ensures their saved energy is not wasted.

These garden lights have an Epistar SMD LED of 0.5 W with a brightness output of 50 lumens. The waterproof feature ensures they can withstand outdoor conditions. 

Applications: Solar Deck Lights are suitable for most garden beds. With two installation options, you can stake them on your lawn, mulch or any other garden bed, except hard concrete. Alternatively, you can screw them to your decking floor or timber path, or wooden garden features.  

Main features

  • A battery capacity of 1800mAh. 
  • A 0.66 W Polycrystalline silicon laminated plate is built as the solar panel. 
  • Two modes of installation options: screw fixing and ground insertion.
  • Adequate brightness output ensuring a beautiful glow. 


  • Easy to install with no wiring required. 
  • Waterproof features that ensure the protection of both the interior and exterior parts of the solar light.
  • It has an inbuilt light sensor that helps to regulate the lighting during the day and night. 
  • Over 6 hours of lighting per night after fully charged. 


  • Not suited for shaded areas as it needs to be adequately exposed to sunlight to function optimally. 

They are available in two lighting colours: Cool White (in a pack of 2) and Warm White (in a pack of 4).



Wall Lights to be installed in retaining walls or fences 

2. Solar Step Lights /Wall Lights



Step lights are an excellent choice if you look for a modern and stylish light to illuminate your steps. These lights are best fitted to low fences and retaining walls. They made of Aluminum alloys, which help to enhance their durability.


The eco-friendly solar step lights come in two variants: with constant cool white lighting, and with sound sensor cool white lighting. The sound sensor variant has got a decorative blue LED highlight effect that is on all night. With detection of a sound lauder than 60lb, the white lighting comes on and stays on for 30 seconds. Then it will come back to blue decorative light. They are waterproof and weather-resistant, and built to withstand outdoor conditions and are very easy to install. 

Applications: this modern solar step light with a stylish black finish is compatible with most exterior designs. It designed to apply on low walls or fences, on retaining walls, outdoor staircase or house numbers.

Main features

  • Made with Aluminum alloy material. 
  • Powerful 2200 mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Solar panel of 5.5V, 1.8W, and 17% efficiency. 
  • Lights up for over 8 hours after a full charge.


  • Long-lasting battery that ensures long hours of lighting per night.
  • Minimal installation with 4 screws. 
  • Water and weather resistant with IP65.
  • Durable and tough.


  • It is best suitable on low height closer to the ground. 


Check the modes here:

Model A. Blue led decorative highlights backing with white light coming on with sound. Click Here!

Model B. Constant white led lighting from dusk. Click Here!



3. Step Lights in Warm Lights 


The product is intentionally designed to illuminate outdoor steps and walkways at their best. It is made from aluminum alloy material, giving it that tough and durable appeal. These eco-friendly solar step lights are waterproof and come with a long-lasting Li-ion battery. They are easy to install with an in-build solar panel of 5.5V, 1W. 


Applications: similar to the other model of solar step lights, this light is recommended closer to the ground walls and fences, on retaining walls, outdoor staircase or even house numbers.

Main features 

  • Made from Aluminum alloy material.
  • 2000 mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Lighting time of over 8 hours after a full charge. 
  • The solar panel of 5.5V, 1W.
  • 5 LEDs – 20 Lumens brightness.



  • A long-lasting battery supports constant lighting after dark.
  • Waterproof and weather resistant with IP65.
  • Durable (made from Aluminum alloy material).
  • Very easy DIY installation.


Check the details of this beautiful and functional model here!




Garden Spike lights 

4. LED Garden Solar Lights with Spike


garden-solar-lightsSolar spike lights are the perfect lights for lighting up your pathway and walkway and giving your garden that appealing ambience. The trendy black finish of these solar garden lights gives it that distinctive and modern appearance. 

It comes with an inbuilt 1500 mAh battery and a polycrystalline solar panel with good conversion efficiency. These waterproof solar lights have a photosensitive control. It automatically charges during the day and turns on at dusk.

A feature of the light is its ability to detect motion at night and immediately go into a bright light mode and reverts to dim light after 22 seconds. Made from top quality ABS material, it is a durable lighting fixture that is waterproof and weather resistant. 


Main features 

  • PIR motion-sensing feature. 
  • A lithium battery of 1500mAh, 3.7V.
  • A polycrystalline solar panel of 6V, 0.7W.
  • Photosensitive control; Auto turn on at dusk.


  • Lighting time of up to 6-8 hours after a full charge.
  • Waterproof with IP 65
  • Long hours of lighting after dark


  • Spikes are sharp and may be harmful if not properly handled. They also may break if you apply them on hard garden beds, hard dirt, or concrete. 


Check the details of this modern spike light here!

In Summary


Solar garden lights not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden but makes it the cynosure of all eyes in the neighbourhood. They certainly help to add value to the exterior of our home. And with $0 cost to run and maintain, they improve your safety and security around your house our business premises.


Each garden light is unique and adds to your garden’s beauty in different ways. So if you were ever in doubt about the choice of solar garden lights you need for your garden, then we believe this article has been a great guide on your selection of good solar lights suitable for your garden.

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