Five Ways to End Darkness in Your Garden

Creating those special features around your property can be as important as styling the inside of your home.  With Australia’s passion for the outdoors, and entertaining friends at home, there are some fabulous options available to add mood and atmosphere, as well as increase your sense of night time security and safety.


Deck Lights, as the name suggests, are incredibly practical when they are powered only by the sun.  With no electrical cables required, the versatility to move them to alternative locations, and being able to sink them into concrete, deck timbers, and garden soil or pathway screenings, you have all the benefits of lighting effects at night, without the extra expense of drawing mains power.


We’ve put together the accompanying video to inspire you with some ideas to enhance your house and property. 



At SunShare Solar, our lights are built to last in the Aussie outdoors,

they’re waterproof, manufactured using stainless steel casings,

and they feature the latest in solar technology.



Why not…


1. Put them in your lawn areas and enjoy soft upward light


2. Use them around your pool for those balmy summer nights and barbeque gatherings


3. Light up your deck or alfresco, and shine light on an outdoor staircase


4. Light up walkways so that you can find your way safely in the evenings, and showcase your garden edges and landscaped areas, and/or


5. Feature special outdoor sculptures and ornamental trees by placing your deck lights in pertinent spots, to cast shadows and filtered light that illuminate the care you take in presenting your home.



Make a change to solar and make a difference in more ways than one – with our safe and easy solutions, and all backed by our generous warranty (Conditions apply).



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