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Smart, Safe, and Green Outdoor Lights

SunShare Solar is a local Australian company with a dedicated commitment to making a difference to eco-friendly Australians by providing commercial-grade and reliable solar lighting solutions,
that are sustainable and backed by our eighteen-month warranty. All the LED lights in our range are completely solar-powered and very easy to install and maintain. Providing a wide variety of solar lights,
SunShare Solar is all about smart, safe and green lighting, that are kind to both people AND
the environment.

With the cost of electricity usage rising quickly to excessive levels, and our past Aussie tradition of relying on energy company power supplies, our customers are quickly discovering the benefits of solar-powered lights.
Our point of difference is in the quality of the products we offer, and our fast and friendly service.
All of our solar lights have a long life-cycle, they are portable and conveniently able to be moved to any position in your garden and outdoor. Once installed, there are no further costs, nor any requirement to dig trenches to run mains power cabling.


As the sun goes down, your SunShare Solar lights come on.

Choose from our range of:

  • Commercial grade Street and Outdoor Lights
  • Flood Lights and Spot Lights
  • Garden Lights and Landscape Lights
  • Motion Sensor Lights
  • Security Lights and Wall Lights
  • Driveway and Walkway Lights
  • Billboard and Signage Lights
  • Linear Batten Lights
  • Deck and Pathway Lights


Our Value Proposition (What our products have and can offer to you)


We deliver to our customers Solar-powered LED Lights which represent Quality, Reliability, and Versatility. Their major benefits to our customers are:

– Enhance Safety, Eliminate Darkness

– Perform long hours (one charge, 6 to 8 hours by the bright sun, lasts whole night and supports lighting for 3 to 4 consecutive nights after gloomy and rainy days.)

– Versatile Design

– Very easy to install (DIY) and maintain- No complicated tools, wiring, switches, earthing, etc. 

– $0 running cost, NO perpetual payment to power companies, NO maintenance fee, NO access fee, No subscription fee.

– Long life-cycle with the longest and the most reliable warranty in the market.


Discover how SunShare Solar can light up your world by contacting us TODAY.

Eliminate darkness around your property and improve your sense of security. You’ll find these reliable and quality solar lighting solutions will suit every situation. You enjoy the flexibility to move your lights around from place to place.
Our lights are built to last in the Aussie outdoors, they’re waterproof and weather resistance; they feature the latest in solar technology.

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Make a change to solar and make a difference in more ways than one – with our safe and easy solutions,
and all backed by our extended warranty (Conditions apply).

Read about our mission and vision here; the story behind why we do what we do.



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Registered Business Name: SunShare Solar

Australian Business Number (ABN): 17 633 990 638