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Outdoor Solar Lights & Solar Security Lights Keep Criminals on their toes!

Outdoor Solar Lighting, especially with the Christmas Holiday Season just around the corner, can make an enormous difference to whether an unwanted intruder to your property hangs around, or beats a path to somewhere else because the garden they have stepped into suddenly illuminates around them – as if by magic!   Our SunShare Solar […]

Bring Your Garden to Life After Sunset – With Outdoor Solar Lights

With spring in the air, there’s nothing better than longer days and warmer nights! Rather than hibernate, we’re more inclined to get outdoors, and not just during the daytime. Where sunlight makes your garden grow and pop with colour, there’s also another benefit from drawing on solar energy – and that’s where SunShare Solar can […]

Solar Lights: Clean, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Decayed organic matter, exposed to heat and pressure within the earth, has formed into fossil fuels (including oil, natural gas, and coal) over millions of years. These fossil fuels are currently the major sources of energy around the world. Based on the 2013/2014 Annual Energy Report of Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australia […]