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Best Selling Solar Lights

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Solar Flood Light-30w

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Security Lights

Solar Flood Light-60w

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Solar Garden Lights

Solar Step Lights

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Top Rated Solar Lights

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Featured - 2024 Best Seller

Commercial Grade Solar Bollard Light

  • Robust Aluminum Alloy Body, Powder coated in Dark Gray
  • IK10 Vandal Resistand, IP66 Water Resistant
  • Powerful Battery Supports Over 6 Nights of Lighting 
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Vandal Resistance, Functional and Energy Efficient

Rotating Solar Panel

A feature that optimises sunlight absorption by 20-30%

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Customers' Review


A good light that stays on all night. We have installed ours on a 2m post, where it illuminates a wide area.

Jan B.

This light is great. Three possible functions gives you flexibility according to what you need. Good quality


Sturdy solar powered lights. Great ‘white’ light looks great when up lighting greenery.


On outstanding appliance. Meets all of the criteria stated. A great light for pathways, very bright and reliable.


Why Solar Lights?

About SunShare SOlar

Our Promise is to Light your Outdoor area, by Offering Long Lasting Solar-powered LED Lights

SunShare Solar is an Australia based online shop speciality in Solar Lights. We provide premium quality and reliable solar lighting solutions. Our range includes solar garden lights and solar LED lights for outdoor and indoor lighting.
Our customers get Solar-powered Lights that are long-lasting, sustainable, reliable and efficient. They feature the latest in Solar technology and backed by our generous warranty.
Providing a wide variety of solar LED lights, our purpose is to promote applications of renewable energy. We aim to make them available and accessible for residential and commercial use. It reduces costs of energy consumption and increases efficiency with no harm to the environment. 

FAQs on Solar Lights

Solar cells embedded on the solar panel turn negatively-charged electrons to positively-charged ones as sunlight passes through these cells during the daytime. This process creates electricity which goes to the battery via cables and the battery stores this electricity. As it gets dark, the photoreceptor notices and turns the light on.  

It takes 4 to 12 hours, depending on a few factors. The sunlight intensity is the major factor for the battery to get charged. The capacity of the battery and the quality of the solar panel count as the second and third factors influence charging of solar lights. In case a solar light is permanently under the sunlight, the battery does not stop getting charged. However, in most recent designs with the newest technologies, there are parts added to the light to make the battery stops charging when it is fully charged. This is pretty important for the battery life-long. 

Daylight is enough to charge the lights. In cloudy and, in rainy days charging may take longer though because of the lower intensity of the sunlight.

Yes. As long as a solar panel receives the daylight, it can make electricity. Since the sunlight gets weaker in cloudy and rainy weather, the solar panel may not work as efficiently as it does on sunny days. However, it still makes enough electricity for the light to operate at night. 

While it varies depending on the quality of the light and how it is maintained, LED lights are to provide 50,000 to 200,000 hours of lighting within a maximum of 30 years. Solar panels have an average of 15 years life-long. About the batteries, we would say 3 to 7 years, depending on the type and the quality of the battery. Lithium LifeP04 Batteries used in our commercial-grade solar lights have the longest possible life long and lighting time per night.

As there is no electrical cable or part included in solar lights, they are completely safe for all users; humans, animals and plants. 

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